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3     (A) Arabic (Egyptian):
4         u+0644 u+064A u+0647 u+0645 u+0627 u+0628 u+062A u+0643 u+0644
5         u+0645 u+0648 u+0634 u+0639 u+0631 u+0628 u+064A u+061F
6         Punycode: egbpdaj6bu4bxfgehfvwxn
8     (B) Chinese (simplified):
9         u+4ED6 u+4EEC u+4E3A u+4EC0 u+4E48 u+4E0D u+8BF4 u+4E2D u+6587
10         Punycode: ihqwcrb4cv8a8dqg056pqjye
12     (C) Czech: Pro<ccaron>prost<ecaron>nemluv<iacute><ccaron>esky
13         U+0050 u+0072 u+006F u+010D u+0070 u+0072 u+006F u+0073 u+0074
14         u+011B u+006E u+0065 u+006D u+006C u+0075 u+0076 u+00ED u+010D
15         u+0065 u+0073 u+006B u+0079
16         Punycode: Proprostnemluvesky-uyb24dma41a
18     (D) Hebrew:
19         u+05DC u+05DE u+05D4 u+05D4 u+05DD u+05E4 u+05E9 u+05D5 u+05D8
20         u+05DC u+05D0 u+05DE u+05D3 u+05D1 u+05E8 u+05D9 u+05DD u+05E2
21         u+05D1 u+05E8 u+05D9 u+05EA
22         Punycode: 4dbcagdahymbxekheh6e0a7fei0b
24     (E) Hindi (Devanagari):
25         u+092F u+0939 u+0932 u+094B u+0917 u+0939 u+093F u+0928 u+094D
26         u+0926 u+0940 u+0915 u+094D u+092F u+094B u+0902 u+0928 u+0939
27         u+0940 u+0902 u+092C u+094B u+0932 u+0938 u+0915 u+0924 u+0947
28         u+0939 u+0948 u+0902
29         Punycode: i1baa7eci9glrd9b2ae1bj0hfcgg6iyaf8o0a1dig0cd
31     (F) Japanese (kanji and hiragana):
32         u+306A u+305C u+307F u+3093 u+306A u+65E5 u+672C u+8A9E u+3092
33         u+8A71 u+3057 u+3066 u+304F u+308C u+306A u+3044 u+306E u+304B
34         Punycode: n8jok5ay5dzabd5bym9f0cm5685rrjetr6pdxa
36     (G) Korean (Hangul syllables):
37         u+C138 u+ACC4 u+C758 u+BAA8 u+B4E0 u+C0AC u+B78C u+B4E4 u+C774
38         u+D55C u+AD6D u+C5B4 u+B97C u+C774 u+D574 u+D55C u+B2E4 u+BA74
39         u+C5BC u+B9C8 u+B098 u+C88B u+C744 u+AE4C
40         Punycode: 989aomsvi5e83db1d2a355cv1e0vak1dwrv93d5xbh15a0dt30a5jpsd879ccm6fea98c
42     (H) Russian (Cyrillic):
43         U+043F u+043E u+0447 u+0435 u+043C u+0443 u+0436 u+0435 u+043E
44         u+043D u+0438 u+043D u+0435 u+0433 u+043E u+0432 u+043E u+0440
45         u+044F u+0442 u+043F u+043E u+0440 u+0443 u+0441 u+0441 u+043A
46         u+0438
47         Punycode: b1abfaaepdrnnbgefbadotcwatmq2g4l
49     (I) Spanish: Porqu<eacute>nopuedensimplementehablarenEspa<ntilde>ol
50         U+0050 u+006F u+0072 u+0071 u+0075 u+00E9 u+006E u+006F u+0070
51         u+0075 u+0065 u+0064 u+0065 u+006E u+0073 u+0069 u+006D u+0070
52         u+006C u+0065 u+006D u+0065 u+006E u+0074 u+0065 u+0068 u+0061
53         u+0062 u+006C u+0061 u+0072 u+0065 u+006E U+0045 u+0073 u+0070
54         u+0061 u+00F1 u+006F u+006C
55         Punycode: PorqunopuedensimplementehablarenEspaol-fmd56a
57     (J) Taiwanese:
58         u+4ED6 u+5011 u+7232 u+4EC0 u+9EBD u+4E0D u+8AAA u+4E2D u+6587
59         Punycode: ihqwctvzc91f659drss3x8bo0yb
61     (K) Vietnamese:
62         T<adotbelow>isaoh<odotbelow>kh<ocirc>ngth<ecirchookabove>ch\
63         <ihookabove>n<oacute>iti<ecircacute>ngVi<ecircdotbelow>t
64         U+0054 u+1EA1 u+0069 u+0073 u+0061 u+006F u+0068 u+1ECD u+006B
65         u+0068 u+00F4 u+006E u+0067 u+0074 u+0068 u+1EC3 u+0063 u+0068
66         u+1EC9 u+006E u+00F3 u+0069 u+0074 u+0069 u+1EBF u+006E u+0067
67         U+0056 u+0069 u+1EC7 u+0074
68         Punycode: TisaohkhngthchnitingVit-kjcr8268qyxafd2f1b9g
70     The next several examples are all names of Japanese music artists,
71     song titles, and TV programs, just because the author happens to
72     have them handy (but Japanese is useful for providing examples
73     of single-row text, two-row text, ideographic text, and various
74     mixtures thereof).
76     (L) 3<nen>B<gumi><kinpachi><sensei>
77         u+0033 u+5E74 U+0042 u+7D44 u+91D1 u+516B u+5148 u+751F
78         Punycode: 3B-ww4c5e180e575a65lsy2b
80     (M) <amuro><namie>-with-SUPER-MONKEYS
81         u+5B89 u+5BA4 u+5948 u+7F8E u+6075 u+002D u+0077 u+0069 u+0074
82         u+0068 u+002D U+0053 U+0055 U+0050 U+0045 U+0052 u+002D U+004D
83         U+004F U+004E U+004B U+0045 U+0059 U+0053
84         Punycode: -with-SUPER-MONKEYS-pc58ag80a8qai00g7n9n
86     (N) Hello-Another-Way-<sorezore><no><basho>
87         U+0048 u+0065 u+006C u+006C u+006F u+002D U+0041 u+006E u+006F
88         u+0074 u+0068 u+0065 u+0072 u+002D U+0057 u+0061 u+0079 u+002D
89         u+305D u+308C u+305E u+308C u+306E u+5834 u+6240
90         Punycode: Hello-Another-Way--fc4qua05auwb3674vfr0b
92     (O) <hitotsu><yane><no><shita>2
93         u+3072 u+3068 u+3064 u+5C4B u+6839 u+306E u+4E0B u+0032
94         Punycode: 2-u9tlzr9756bt3uc0v
96     (P) Maji<de>Koi<suru>5<byou><mae>
97         U+004D u+0061 u+006A u+0069 u+3067 U+004B u+006F u+0069 u+3059
98         u+308B u+0035 u+79D2 u+524D
99         Punycode: MajiKoi5-783gue6qz075azm5e
101     (Q) <pafii>de<runba>
102         u+30D1 u+30D5 u+30A3 u+30FC u+0064 u+0065 u+30EB u+30F3 u+30D0
103         Punycode: de-jg4avhby1noc0d
105     (R) <sono><supiido><de>
106         u+305D u+306E u+30B9 u+30D4 u+30FC u+30C9 u+3067
107         Punycode: d9juau41awczczp
109     The last example is an ASCII string that breaks not only the
110     existing rules for host name labels but also the rules proposed in
111     [NAMEPREP] for internationalized domain names.
113     (S) -> $1.00 <-
114         u+002D u+003E u+0020 u+0024 u+0031 u+002E u+0030 u+0030 u+0020
115         u+003C u+002D
116         Punycode: -> $1.00 <--
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